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Could drug court help you get control of your addiction?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Drug Crimes

There is a lot of social stigma that comes with drug charges. People tend to jump to conclusions when they find out that someone has previously committed a drug crime. That record will affect someone’s ability to continue their education, secure housing or get a good job.

The average person accused of a drug offense is far from a heartless, hardened criminal. Many of them are just average people who developed an addiction. They may have started taking pain medication because of a prescription from their doctor, or they may have tried an illegal drug to self-medicate for personal trauma.

Whatever the case, chemical dependence puts people at risk of criminal charges. A criminal conviction will limit someone’s opportunities in life, making it harder for them to fight back against their addiction. Those facing drug charges stemming from chemical dependence may want to determine if they qualify for drug court proceedings. 

How do the drug courts work?

Both in Maryland and in Washington DC, there are special courts for certain drug offenders. Those who face criminal charges because of a clear issue with chemical dependence can ask for drug court adjudication instead of a standard criminal trial.

Going through drug court typically involves a defendant having close interaction with a judge and other state workers who track their progress. Mandatory drug treatment, possibly inpatient treatment, is often part of the program. Community service and random drug testing to ensure compliance while on community release are also frequently components of drug court proceedings.

If a defendant successfully completes all of the drug court requirements, then they can avoid a criminal conviction on their record. Completing that treatment and focusing on sobriety could also help that defendant regain control of their life.

Drug court requires that someone admit they have an issue

Going to drug court can be an excellent opportunity for someone to turn their life around, but no one can seek help for an issue they don’t acknowledge that they have. Those ready to take control over their addiction could benefit from going through drug court when they face criminal charges.

Grappling with addiction and its impact on your life can be a difficult process. However, acknowledging that you need help could be an important step toward reducing the impact of your pending drug charges.