Vigorous DUI Defense To Save Your Driving Privileges And Your Freedom

If you have been cited for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you must switch into high gear, pursuing the most aggressive DUI defense strategies available to you. At Shefferman Law, you will find an experienced, respected and hardworking defense lawyer ready to tackle all angles of your case with skill and determination.

Entrust your DUI case to me, attorney Brian D. Shefferman, if you prefer to work directly with an established lawyer. I will not turn you over to a junior associate or paralegal. You and I will collaborate in the design and implementation of your DUI defense. However straightforward or complex your case is, I will approach it as if it will go to trial.

What Are Your Best Defense Tactics?

Throughout my career in private law practice, I have taken countless DUI defense cases before judges and juries, and obtained positive outcomes for my clients. The first step is to request an administrative hearing to get your driver's license back. I will act quickly to get this done before time runs out. Meanwhile, the key to your criminal defense might be one of these factors:

The traffic stop: Did the law enforcement officer(s) have probable cause to stop you and evaluate you for inebriated driving?

The tests: Did a police officer ask you to perform a roadside sobriety test, such as “walk the line” or reciting the alphabet backward? Did they administer breath, urine or blood tests without informing you of your right to legal counsel? Were the test results invalid for some reason? I am ready to dig into such questions about your case.

Your story: Everyone has a tale to tell about what happened right before they were arrested for drunk driving or how they have been struggling with alcohol dependency. Others have compelling stories about how badly they need to continue driving. Might you get probation instead of a conviction if you attend alcohol dependency classes? You may be able to help yourself.

For Serious Traffic Violations Or DUI Charges, Let's Get Started

In addition to alcohol and drug-related DUI, I also represent clients who have been charged with vehicular homicide, reckless driving and other high-stakes traffic violations. There is nothing more satisfying than watching a client go from a hopeless state of mind to a position of hope. Give me a chance to help you turn things around.

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