Seek A Favorable Outcome After A Weapons Violation Arrest Or Accusation

The right to bear arms is a hot topic in society today. Regardless of what you have heard about your rights to carry a gun, law enforcement officials arrest countless people every year for various gun-related crimes. Violating gun laws can get you fined or arrested. You may realize that already if you are reading this after an arrest. Or you may have reason to believe that you are at risk of gun crime charges. You wisely realize you should consult with an experienced defense attorney.

At Shefferman Law, you will find a skilled advocate ready to take up your cause after you have been named as a defendant in a drug crime case.

Types Of Violations That Can Get You Arrested In Maryland

Criminal charges involving firearms and other weapons in Maryland include the following:

  • Possessing a handgun without getting a handgun qualification license first
  • Illegally possessing a regulated firearm after having been convicted for a crime of violence
  • Unlawful possession of a gun by a convinced felon
  • Violating regulations and limitations applying to gun collectors, dealers and instructors
  • Committing a violent crime, such as assault or robbery, while in possession of a weapon

Were you placed on review by the Maryland State Patrol after being flagged during a background check before buying a firearm? Contact Shefferman Law for help getting your name cleared once again to allow you to lawfully purchase and register a handgun or any type of firearm.

Did you fall into trouble with a Maryland law enforcement agency after carrying a gun while holding a license from another state but not one from Maryland? Let me help you avoid a criminal record, if possible.

Whatever Your Alleged Gun-Related Violation Is, I Will Stand Up For Your Rights

Contact me, defense attorney Brian D. Shefferman, to discuss your legal problem involving a gun or any type of firearm or weapon. I have practiced law for more than 30 years. I will work with you personally, without passing you over to a young associate or paralegal. When you hire me, you will benefit from my extensive knowledge and experience in criminal defense.

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