Representing Young Defendants And Supporting Their Families

In most cases, a juvenile crime arrest becomes a family affair. Parents or guardians have authority and input into the legal matters of their teenage sons and daughters, and in practical terms, this is usually also the case with young adults who have been charged with crimes. Parents may hold the keys to protecting their children's rights to fair dealings with the court and compliance with plea agreements or judges' orders. Parents and guardians may be able to help ensure that terms of probation are fulfilled.

For these and other reasons, I approach juvenile criminal defense from a whole-family perspective whenever possible. Reach out to me, defense attorney Brian David Shefferman, to request an initial exploratory consultation. I welcome inquiries from young defendants, their parents and guardians, and anyone else who may be providing guidance in a juvenile crime case, such as an aunt or uncle, social worker or educator.

Defending Teenagers And Young Adults In Criminal Matters

I aim to get the best possible outcomes for my young clients who face criminal charges such as the following:

  • Underage drinking, curfew violations and other age-defined crimes
  • Underage DUI/DWI (under age 21)
  • Assault, theft, vandalism, sexting, other sex crimes, drug crimes and other offenses that adults may also be charged with
  • Vehicular manslaughter, arson and other violent crimes that have caused serious injuries or property damage or loss

My first priority when I represent you or your son or daughter will be to fight to keep the case in juvenile court, if possible. I will advise you of ways you can contribute to the best outcome achievable in your case or your child's case. For example, you as a young offender might need to participate in therapy or treatment to demonstrate your good-faith effort to improve your life.

A Strong Track Record

I have helped many young defendants in criminal cases obtain favorable outcomes, while also advising their parents. Your case may include complexities such as peer pressure, mental health issues or family problems. I have a great deal of experience pursuing positive results in challenging cases such as these. I offer my clients my personal attention and always prepare their cases as if for trial.

To schedule a consultation, call Shefferman Law at 301-637-5029 or contact me online.